Let’s Plant a Garden Together! (actually tho)

Hey friend,

Ever since we got married, my wife Teanna has set aside a small corner of our backyard as her wildflower garden. Each spring, she scatters seed in this area, and for the rest of the summer… she takes a walk out there each day and enjoys seeing what new blooms are taking place.

I want to share this experience with you and send some seeds you for your garden (for free of course).

Here’s all you have to do…

  1. Pre-save my upcoming releases below. It takes <5 seconds a song. After each time you pre-save, be sure to take a screen shot.
  2. Send me your mailing address and your screenshots showing that you pre-saved, either as a DM or email to: kyleallanchurch@gmail.com
  3. I’ll send you a small packet of wildflower seeds to plant in your garden or house plant pot this spring. If you live outside of Canada, I won’t be able to send you seeds… but I’ll handwrite some lyrics from Plant a Garden and send those to you as my way of saying thanks.

I can’t wait to see these grow in your yard!

Thanks for the support,

  • Kyle


I’m still working out a way to see if I can have a Pre-add option for my Apple Music user friends, it should go live next week. Send me a message if you’d like me to let you know when the Apple Music pre-add is up. Sorry for the inconvenience!